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NISSAN 2ooSX / S15

This is rear view of Nissan 200SX S15 (left) (full system fitted).


Watch & listen to Nissan 2oosx S15 Silvia, click here.


Mitsubishi EVO 9


This is rear view of Mitsubishi EVO 9 (right) (full system fitted Part No. FSMEO) Ti tip rear muffler.


 Watch and listen to sounds and vehicle, click here.


Mazda RX-7

The picture (left) here is of the prototype car Mazda Australia was considering building a limited run. This was due to the success of the 12 hour race with the RX-7 SP. The car shown here was referred to as SP2 and was the only one ever built. If interested we can supply parts to create an SP2. Please contact us for details.


Mazda RX-7 RICESP (right)
318rwhp DD dyno on 0.95kg boost


410bhp est +-10bhp? 2616cc 13BREW twin turbo 1.05kg boost
*performance figures for 650m elevation. NOTE: would be faster & quicker at sea level std test conditions, see previous posts for corrected figures*

0-100kph 5.004 sec, sea level 0m 4.88 sec
0-200kph 14.286 sec, seal level 0m 13.94
0-400m 12.418 sec @ 118mph, sea level 0m 12.12 sec @ 121mph
TOP SPEED 300+kph est (stock Mazda with 255bhp does 262kph, mine with 410bhp has enough power & increased rev limit to do 307kph Wink  )

V's F40 (various tests and performance from factory sources)

0-100kph 4.1~4.5sec
0-200kph 11.5~12.0sec
0-400m 11.9~12.23sec 126~127mph

Top speed 323kph

^^^ Amazing what another 80bhp and 100kg less weight can do!





To listen to sounds please click here.



Mazda RX-8


Recently fitted is the Cat Back Exhaust System & A metallic substrate cat converter (left), the cat back section comprises of  an intermediate tube, plus a rear muffler section, the cat back section utilizes a mixture of tube dia to achieve the desired results.

The metallic substrate cat converter is used in the cat section to allow for even greater flow than the original. Our testing result proved that in this section the optimum pipe dia is 2 3/4" (which is a unique tube dia in stainless available to SMB) 


Watch & listen to sounds and vehicle whilst RX-8 is under constant and open throttle, click here.


Mazda RX-7


Twin Tip Rear Muffler

Silverstone UK 2oo7 - TIME ATTACK






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