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Company Philosophy

Our company aims to produce the highest quality goods. Each components design is tested to ensure the customer benefits by way of horsepower increase, deep but street legal exhaust note and visual impact when fitted to the vehicle, all this to be achieved in a friendly and efficient work environment, for which employees and customers can benefit from.  

Company Background

In 1961, Ern Walker started working for himself when he was 21 making extractors and exhaust systems for motor vehicles to increase their performance. It was a 3 way partnership involvement, some 13 years later the other 2 partners bought him out, he then started E.S. Walker Manufacturing. Part of the arrangement when his 2 partners bought him out that he was restricted from making car extractors and car exhaust for 7 years. At that time there was a boom occurring in the motorcycle scene with the release of 4 cylinder large capacity motorcycles, so E.S.Walker Manufacturing started to produce 4-1 exhausts to suit these motorcycles and were sold under the name of Walker Exhaust in Australia and Asia. In 1982 Grant Walker joined the company after having previous experience working for major automotive original equipment supply companies. Grant took over the role of development, sales and marketing of new exhaust for new motorcycle models.

It wasn't long before enquiries started to come regarding exhausts for high performance motor vehicles, and the lessons and concepts learnt from working with the latest motorcycle engines were easily transferred to new generation of high performance engines. Company Achievements Through our now established reputation for performance exhaust, Mazda Australia approached us when they were building the RX7 SP (which is now considered a classic car) Mazda had to produce a limited run for sale to the general public before they could race, as the factory considered that they had to beat the new release 911 Porche in the 12 hour race at eastern creek.

This was achieved, with great success (letter and certificate from  Mazda)                                                                                                                                   

After satisfying Mazda on the RX7 project, Mazda contacted E.S. Walker Manufacturing to again produce various components for limited edition runs of different models with the last project for Mazda being the MX5 SP ( turbo charged Miata). This project resulted in a heavy commitment to Mazda in R&D and production for their development and supply of exhausts, intercooler pipes and associated parts required for the conversion of the vehicles.

At the same time E.S. Walker Manufacturing were working for other companies producing various components for original equipment manufacturer's and established aftermarket performance suppliers, and as such a lot of people have seen and used the products but they have been unbranded or branded with someone else's name, for example one of the systems we produce, is the one of the largest in volume, if not the largest in volume for aftermarket exhaust sold to suit the Subaru WRX in the USA.

As the volume of work was rapidly expanding, the decision was taken to form a new company by which it would market and sell the automotive aftermarket exhausts and performance components, thus this is how the company "Special Mens Business " come about.













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