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"The EVO is doing well. I have raced it two times. I entered it in a road race@POCONO INT. We were there for a Dunlop sponsored event, all the cars were Lambo's and Ferrari's. I came in 3rd. Everyone asked me what I had done to the car, why it was so fast. I told them that all that was done was the exhaust and the tires. They could not believe how I was running with the new Lambo V10 and I smoked all the Ferrari 355's.

"Your system really works." --- T C, Tactics Racing, U.S.A.

"I purchased a RX7 3.5" full exhaust system off you some time back (The first one you made...with twin tips...sounds absolutely delicious, and flows extremely well...If you need some sound clips / vids just ask!)" --- S. M, ACT, Australia

"I am really happy with the SMB rear muffler section for the WRX and that the noise level is just right ie. does not drone on Freeway, but can hear at idle. The workmanship is top notch and fitted just right." --- J. P, WA, Australia

"I have received and fitted your SMB dump pipe and 4 inch cat and I just wanted to give you some unbiased feedback on your product. Overall I'm impressed with the quality of the product as a whole and the quality of the TIG welds and laser cut flanges. The dump pipe fitted up nicely and clearances were generally as good or better than factory." --- R. P, VIC, Australia

"I had the full exhaust installed for the MX-5 just last Sunday. Just wanted to give some feedback on the install. I have to say that the exhaust has given me so much satisfaction, making my car so much more enjoyable to drive in more ways than one. I love the note that my car makes now. The sound is present during acceleration and I can imagine that the sound would be perfect for the track too, however it's not too intruding for everyday driving. In other words I find the system to be at perfect sound levels for the type of driving I do. The other thing I wanted to mention was the difference in smoothness and response that the exhaust has on my car. I have found that there is much more torque and power and the car just moves so much more readily, and also 6th gear is so much more useable (as I noticed on the M5), as is every other gear too. Very well done guys!!" --- S. W, NSW, Australia

"I just got it today - it looks VERY well built! Don't know if you know about RX7 club or not, but I posted what I think about it on there ( Thanks for everything." --- M. O, P.A. - U.S.A.

"The (RX7) downpipe arrived yesterday, much sooner than I expected. The workmanship is top drawer, but I can't say much in regards to the shipping container. I was intending to have it ceramic coated, but I am not sure now as it looks so nice. Thank you." --- J. Z, C.A. - U.S.A.

"The exhaust looks a Million $$$ BTW..." --- R. K,- QLD, Australia

"Thanks for the EXCELLENT exhaust system!" --- P. G, - Rice Racing, Australia

“The front pipe arrived and has been fitted. Congratulations on a very slick dump pipe and front pipe. At last I have purchased an after market part that looks great, fits the car without modification and produces the power gains as per the advertising spiel. I cannot express how pleased I am to have found your web site by chance and made the purchase. In fact, I am that pleased with the set up that I will be purchasing another for our EVO 7 Rally car to replace the hand built ( 16 hours of fabrication) stainless dump pipe that just doesn’t cut it compared to your pipe. Thanks again and be sure to congratulate your staff on a superb product” --- Dr BM - Crew Chef, SA

“Just to let you know, the exhaust definitely helped the 1/4mile times...Previous my best was 13.7, I’m now running 13.1’s...Probably got a little more left in it too, just gotta get the clutch gripping right...” --- Jason, NSW, Sydney, Australia

"Thanks for the beautiful converter. It is amazing. The best converter I have seen. Thanks very much."---V. P, Greece

"Still love your product very VERY much ! Did some back to back testing of the Metal substrate cat V's the race pipe you made for me and there is no peak power difference between the two ! though the race pipe does give more mid range power and better boost response..." --- P. G, Rice Racing, Australia

"Cat works great. I've told lots of people." --- N. M,  Japan

"Thanks for the hat & decals - its a nice gesture - y'all run a good operation and I regularly recommended you to both WRX and RX7 friends." --- N. M,  Japan

"I received the exhaust, it has exceeded my expectations, it looks great. I can't wait to install it and hear how it sounds. Thank you very much." --- W. R, Michigan USA

"Just got it...awesome work! you guys rule ! Thanks again, I'll post a few pictures on the forum." --- M. S, USA

"Thanks! It looks awesome !" --- C. M, C.A. - USA

"The Midpipe is awesome! Fitment was dead on, craftsmanship looked excellent. Car sounds and feels great. It's convinced me to move onto your 4" bent tip, 3" diameter rear muffler for the FD3S (MR4RM3)." --- C. M, C.A.  USA

"Thanks for everything, the great service and price. I wish you guys had a store here in the states so I could pick up more parts."      --- J. C,   USA

"Sorry for the delay, It's beautifully made and I am a very happy customer! Once again, many thanks for your excellent service."

--- A. H, Guernsey, Channel Islands


"Thanks for the speedy service,  Thanks again, I am very happy with your product!." --- B. L, NY. USA


"All arrived today and looks superb!" --- P. B, UK


"I received the good today, thanks. Excellent quality product!" --- N. P, Australia  

"You sold me a 5" bodied high flow cat a few months. I wanted to thank you again for your service but most of all for selling me a super product. I was forced to drive my S5 Rx7 without a cat for a short time and I really thought the car would lose some performance after I installed the cat, It didn't! I noticed no difference at all, I'm really happy with it. I'm looking at buying your rear muffler too, I heard one on a friend's car, it sounded sensational and looked great. I have recommended your product to anyone who cares to listen, high quality stuff mate and by far the best cat I have ever used. I hope you sell tons of them, you deserve it and your prices are more than fair for such high grade stuff. Thanks again!" ---M.J, NSW, Australia


"SMB mufflers helped achieve the highest true road rotary power level EVER recorded there for a street legal 13B Turbo running only pump fuel on a full length road exhaust system Rice Racing fully tuned this car below (see Race Logic VBOX certified data ), achieving unbelievable levels of repeatable RWHP, never seen before in any car from any workshop prior to us doing it.


Carefully prepared and built by JSR race engines with RR doing specialist engine parts (apex seals, racing rotors, Water Injection kit, and all tuning). The power recorded was a peak of 588+rwhp on its final run !!! with every pass (total of six in the competition) being over 530rwhp and going up and up. It’s a true testimate to how good a product SMB make in the 3.5” muffler that does not cost HP, even if it is about 750 of them at the engine! " --- P. G, Rice Racing, Australia


Click here to view Images of Record settings SMB equipped Capella



Special Mens Business® was on display at the International Auto Salon, held at Los Angeles convention centre, the United States, stand number 2057# 2-4 April 2004.

Joining them on the stand was an affiliated company SP Motor Sport TM.


(More  SEMA 2oo4 & 2oo6 photos click here.)

Check out our event at The SEMA SHOW, Las Vegas Convention Center 2oo6 , click here.

What was on display: Exhausts to suit WRX ( to our latest design, first time shown) , EVO 7 & 8, a revamp of our 12HOUR winning system to suit the RX7, carbon fibre air intake and intercooler systems to suit RX7, Miata and WRX, turbo charge conversion kit for the Miata, including ECU which plugs into the factory computer and controls the variable cam and runs the standard Mazda triggers, limited slip differential to suit the Miata, RX7 AND Subaru WRX, high tensile axle shafts to suit the WRX (we would show more but just not enough room on the stand).  








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