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4 Things To Search For When Looking At ASX Today News

We know looking at the current stock prices are always dutiful at informing you of the current events occurring in the investment space, however, there are some elements of ASX today news that aren’t always in the financial section. There are always clues and means of identifying opportunities or warning signs within ASX today news that aren’t always obvious. Not everything is a sign, however, so there should always be a sense of caution and common sense when it comes to ASX today news – it does take a bit of practice to see the forest through the trees. 

That brings us to todays article, we’re going to go over some of the ways that you can determine valuable ASX today news from current events and perhaps make some smarter calls or unexpected ones in your investments. While this is about investments, the following should be considered as anecdotal and observational and not financial advice.

4 Things To Search For When Looking At ASX Today News 

  1. Conflicts & Resolutions

One doesn’t always liken warfare to finance, but they coincide more than you may realise. After all, economic sanctions and issues with deliverables and importation can have a tremendous impact on the share market. Keeping an eye on international and domestic cases of conflicts can be relayed quite strongly as ASX today news that has a little weight on the market price and your portfolio viability. 

There are also untapped opportunities hidden in the resolutions and markets surrounding conflicts, with companies based around military supply often seeing a surge in prices when conflicts or resolutions are announced. 

  1. Minerals & Mining

Minerals and mining are part and parcel of the Australian landscape, we have rich deposits of a number of in-demand chemicals and minerals that we export around the world and keep domestically. The big 3 companies for dividend yield investments are unsurprisingly the big mining companies in Australia. 

Naturally, this lends itself to the stock market and the necessity of keeping up with the latest ASX today news on the various mining elements of the country and associated deals that are being struck almost every other week. 

Keeping on top of these events and industry deals can give some real insight into the current events surrounding the industry which will always reflect the market and your potential buy in and buy out points. 

  1. Seasonal Affairs

Seasons and events can have a tremendous impact on stock prices and opportunities that are not always considered. Some companies will see a spike on certain holiday’s or with the announcement of celebratory measures taking place in certain areas (e.g., Tourism companies getting a surge on the announcement of VIVID in Sydney). 

When browsing for ASX today news, keep a keen eye on announcements surrounding the cancellations or creations of certain events and go to the requisite businesses and industries to inspect how they react prices. Looking through current events and keeping track of major holidays could serve you well in your search for relevant ASX today news. 

  1. Industry-Relations

The industries covered in your portfolio will have all sorts of relevant information hidden in ASX today news. Industries that have a wide berth or intermingling with the current events are especially prone to being influenced by larger announcements or plans. This is particularly true when companies and industries have a fair amount of their stock and value be manifested through public perception and their management reputation. 

Keep an eye on ASX today news to see how companies are maneuvering through crises or shifts in perception, it could be a good indicator of future share price behaviours.