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6 Essential Benefits of Engaging With a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer

Making contact with a Melbourne criminal lawyer is paramount for men and women that require immediate representation. Whether they have been officially charged or become a person of interest, the stakes are raised for citizens in these situations. The decision to reach out to a specialist solicitor makes sense in this context because the benefits are clearly on display. 

1) Working Through Bail Process 

The bail process can be relatively complicated when it comes to individuals who are charged with a criminal offence. In order to have them avoiding time in a holding cell, it is worthwhile having a Melbourne criminal lawyer on hand to negotiate through these affairs. By applying the right documents and dealing with the right parties and making the payments, it is possible under most circumstances to have the individual out on bail so long as the nature of the offence is not deemed severe. 

2) Intervening During Law Enforcement Interviews 

The fear of a client incriminating themselves during police interrogation is one of the big issues that constituents face in these settings. Having an experienced Melbourne criminal lawyer at the table will help to alleviate those very real concerns. While the client will need to address certain questions that are posed, they do not need to answer every question, nor go into further detail than necessary. Being aware of those boundaries is where these specialists come into play. 

3) Establishing Client Rights & Responsibilities 

Melbourne constituents who are looking for representation through a criminal solicitor may very well be unaware about what kind of rights they are entitled to in these circumstances. From the engagement of a solicitor to the evidence provided to police and beyond, it is beneficial to recognise what behaviours and approaches are designed in their best interests. The same principles apply to their responsibilities as far as court appearances and acting in good faith with police representatives. 

4) Pinpointing Various Legal Avenues 

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How does a defendant plead? What does a person of interest do if they are brought in for questioning? What are the differences between a DUI, arson, assault, property crime, money laundering or other criminal offences? This is where a Melbourne criminal lawyer can outline the intricacies of the case profile and what are the likely outcomes of a plea given the established facts and precedent. 

5) Bypassing Delays & Red Tape 

Often for defendants and constituents who are put through a local criminal case, it is the waiting and process delays that can add to the stress and anxiety. Thankfully a Melbourne criminal lawyer has the understanding and resources to push through the red tape. By engaging with the right operators through the correct channels, it will be possible to attain results sooner to deliver peace of mind. 

6) Combating Prosecution Argument & Strengthen Client Position 

Defendants who are in need of a Melbourne criminal lawyer will know that any potential charges can be challenging to overcome. Even though the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, they need to use their skills and resources to ensure that those arguments have identifiable faults. This in turn strengthens the position of the client, giving them the opportunity to plead innocence or work towards a reduction of charges that will help the end result. 

It is in the client’s best interest to be working with a Melbourne criminal lawyer given the stakes in play. Any criminal offence is significant in isolation, but the nature of the charges will add extra importance on the skills and resources of the legal representative. Survey the market to see which practitioner is best suited for the role.