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CPR Courses Canberra Offers

It’s a sunny day and you’re out on the beach. Suddenly, someone collapses and there’s chaos. Someone tries the emergency line and others frantically do nothing. Nobody has the faintest idea about the CPR courses Canberra has.

Eventually, the medics arrive but it’s too late. The person is beyond saving as their body finally turns blue and their cornea loses its reflexes. Does this story sound familiar? 

In this article, we will explain what CPR is and the CPR courses Canberra offers

CPR—What is it? 

CPR is short for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. It’s a technique that is a basic life support procedure by which circulatory flow and oxygenation are sustained using mechanisms such as chest compressions and artificial ventilation until adequate medical care is provided. 

This is usually applied in cases related to cardiac arrest, etc. This is part of what you learn in the CPR courses Canberra offers. 

Why are CPR courses Canberra offers important? 

There are many benefits why you should sign up for the CPR courses Canberra offers. We will highlight the major ones in this article. 

Saving lives. Every minute that someone with cardiac arrest doesn’t get CPR done on him or her, their chances of survival drop to almost 10%. The stats are there to buttress this fact. Secondly, most people don’t know what to do in a cardiac emergency. Well, the blame is not on them. 

A good chunk of people cannot perform CPR. Plus, the scariest fact is a cardiac arrest has been shown to happen at home most times. Just imagine it was a loved one. 

That being said. Signing up for the CPR courses Canberra has will save lives. You would become one’s hero for life.  

People with CPR certification are needed worldwide. There’s a growing need in the number of people to be CPR certified worldwide. This is because almost 90% of people who come down with cardiac arrest don’t make it. Every year, millions of people are trained in CPR courses, however, the numbers are gravely insufficient. Even teens should be taught and trained to perform CPR. There should be no age limit. Remember, it’s human life we are talking about here. 

You will be an important persona to your family & workplace. Imagine someone at home goes into cardiac arrest and you drop on their knees and resuscitate them. How superman-ly does it appear! Or imagine it’s your co-worker or boss in the office, you will not only save a life but will also be the talk in the office. In other words, you will become an asset to everyone around you. 

And, when you show up for any job interview, a CPR certification will help you stand out from the mammoth crowd of job seekers. 

You will be trained in AED use. CPR courses Canberra offers have AED use as part of it. AED simply stands for Automated external defibrillators, it’s a medical device that is quite small that it’s portable. It can not only analyze the heart rhythm but also deliver a shock when necessary.  

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