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Facts About the Best Spas in Sydney

Hot tubs are undoubtedly the height of luxury and comfort; it is safe to say that everyone enjoys relaxing in the warm bubbles of the water. This is why it’s so strange that we continue to relax in them, without really knowing much about them. It’s not essential to know all about the best spas in Sydney, but there’s nothing like a fun fact whilst you’re sitting in the warmth of the water with your friends or family. It may save you from an awkward silence! So, if you’d like to know a bit more, keep reading to find out some fun facts about the best spas in Sydney.


Fact 1:

There is undoubtedly nothing more relaxing than soaking in the best spa in Sydney, so it is unlikely that you are going to be thinking about how it is working. However, although it sounds strange, there is a far more interesting history to hot tub filters than you could possibly imagine. They are also much older than you would think. So how is this? Well, some filters used in the best spas in Sydney are composed of elements that are millions of years old, namely Diatomaceous Earth, or DE. But what is Diatomaceous Earth and why is it relevant to hot tubs? Basically, the material is a microscopic fossil that was around before the dinosaurs were. This material is now fossilized and can be found in freshwater and oceans as well as soil and damp places. The interesting thing about DE is that one of its primary properties is that it is incredibly effective when it comes to trapping molecules of water. As a result of this, DE is regularly used in water filters and studies surrounding water quality. Essentially, it is DE that is in the filter of your hot tub, ensuring that the water is clean. This material may be extremely old, but it is also incredibly handy when it comes to ensuring the water in your hot tub is clean!


Fact 2:

In todays society if you want to experience the best spas in Sydney, all you have to do is go to the nearest shop or supplier and you can be taking one home that very day. However, this wasn’t always the case. The hot tubs we know and love are quite new in comparison to the age of the earth, and some of the world’s natural beauties. The original hot tub was not man made, but in fact naturally occurring. These warm pools of water have actually been around for thousands of years, with the man made versions we know and love being a replica of these natural beauties. You may have heard of these pools being referred to as thermal pools. I know the last thing you want to do is think about geography when you are relaxing in the best spa in Sydney, but incase you have an awkward lapse in conversation, here is a bit of information about how thermal pools occurred and worked. Thermal pools are actually a result of techtonic plates moving in the earths crust. Therefore, countries that lie on top of these rubbing techtonic plates are likely to have natural water springs. Some examples of countries in which thermal pools would occur are Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. Sadly, in Australia naturally occurring thermal pools don’t exist, so while we all start saving for a trip to NZ, at least we can relax in the soothing bubbles of one of the best spas in Sydney.


Fact 3:

We now know a little more about where the best spas in Sydney originated and what their filter is made out of, so let’s now consider where the name came from. You have probably heard many people refer to hot tubs as Jacuzzi’s, but have you ever wondered where this name comes from? What you may not have known is that Jacuzzi is far more than just a name for the warm bubbly pool we all know and love, as it is actually the surname of the people that invented it. So who created the best spas in Sydney? Well this title goes to seven brothers, who began by inventing and engineering aircraft parts. Interestingly, these brothers were the pioneers of propellers and machining pumps. So it appears we have a lot to thank these masterminds for! It seems strange to move from aircraft to hot tubs, but it was inspired due to one of the brother’s arthritis and was designed as a way to alleviate their discomfort. The movement of the water was designed to help, and it really did! Since that point, the best spas in Sydney have been helping many people with sore or aching muscles and joints. After this invention, the name Jacuzzi stuck and has been used frequently since.