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How to Choose the Right Print Shop for Your Needs

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right printing companies. You and your businesses need to consider a lot of factors including price, size, budget and service. Let’s take a look in more detail at what you and your business need to account for when choosing a print shop to use.


Equipment and capabilities

This is one of the greatest differentiators among print shops. Different stores will have different equipment that is capable of doing different things. It is thus important to assess what it is you need done and to then see if the store has the equipment to do it. Indeed, some stores may have state of the art technology that can open up new opportunities that were not previously available.

It is important to ask whether your prospective prints shops if they have any outstanding or differentiating equipment. For example, do they have any different types of presses or printing techniques?


Are they collaborative

Consider how well your prospective store can help you in the creative process. A good print shop should help to improve the creativity and quality of your work. They should be able to offer informed and expert advice, as well as examples of their previous work. Rather than just being a service, they should become part of the creative process itself.


Customer service quality

Good quality work means very little if it is coupled with poor service. It is important to choose a print shop with excellent customer service. This will not only mean that you customer experience is excellent but it will also ensure you are able to consistently meet deadlines. Consider whether a print shop is known for being quick and efficient, or whether they have late work. The best way to get an understanding of a stores customer service is by reading reviews. Reviews either on social media or industry websites will give a good indication of how well a store treats its customers and how well it can deliver on time.


Have a look at their previous work

Looking at a stores previous work can be an extremely effective way to get an idea of their quality and detail. Consult your local store owner, and ask for sample of work that they have done. If they value customer service and experience they should have some go to samples for you to take a look at. Looking at samples of their previous work can give you a good indication of their overall quality, including attention to detail and equipment accuracy.


Do they cater for your specific needs

Given the unique nature of many creative and design jobs, it is important that you choose a service that can cater their practice to your needs. For example, will they force you to order or pay in bulk, or will they allow for custom order numbers. This kind of customer centric approach is a major differentiator among print shops and should be considered when choosing a service.



What additional services can they offer

Many stores today are beginning to offer a wider variety of services to customers. These additional services can help to differentiate stores from each other and subsequently help you choose the best one for your project. When choosing a print shop, consider if they offer useful services such as; mailing and distribution, wide format, marketing services, or even data management. It can be a lot more efficient if you can have all these services taken care of under one roof, helping you to save time and money.