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Mental Health Online Courses Australia: Top Courses You Could Take

Are you considering a career that offers care and assistance to vulnerable people, and are you seeking mental health online courses Australia offers to put you in that position? Then you are going to find this list of certified programmes helpful.

Taking these courses is the best way you can make a difference in the areas of mental health nursing, rehabilitation, and community services. These online programmes enable you to understand the signs, symptoms, and possible treatments of psychological health problems.

This guide has selected the top mental health online courses Australia has for you. With these, you can gain a fundamental understanding of these issues and learn practical skills to help those in need.

  • Certificate IV In Mental Health

This programme is the one of the best mental health online courses Australia offers that instills the best skills for assisting vulnerable people. This programme provides you with the skill to empower and support people with disabilities to achieve higher levels of independence and well-being.

This qualification trains you to promote a person-centered approach when dealing with people and to work without direct supervision. It offers you positions like family support worker, rehabilitation support worker or a case worker position.

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA)

Research has shown that most psychological illnesses start in early adolescence. And it is essential to detect these illnesses early so that these young adults are treated early and properly.

So, the YMHFA programme teaches you how to assist adolescents developing psychological problems. These problems include depression, anxiety, substance use, psychosis, and eating disorders. 

This is one of the mental health online courses Australia offers that teaches you how to handle specific crises in adolescents. Situations like suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, traumatic events, and aggressive behavior. 

  • Workplace Mental Health First Aid

This is one of the mental health online courses Australia offers, specially designed for your workplace. The course is made with increased flexibility in training your staff members. It is a combination of online classes and a few face-to-face training sessions.

The programme teaches managers, supervisors, and other staff members how to assist a co-worker experiencing a psychological crisis. You can apply the skill acquired from this qualification to help any adult. The only difference is that its contents are tailored to the office setting.

  • Mental Health First Aid For The Older People

Care providers often underlook psychological problems in people above the age of 65 years. And delaying treatment can make the situation worse and also cause unnecessary distress to those involved.

The certification tries to tackle this issue. It covers areas like psychosis, anxiety, depression, and dementia. This is one of the mental health online courses Australia offers that tackles mental health crises in mainly older people. 

With this programme, you learn and develop the skills to be a first responder to mental illnesses associated with elderly people. It was developed by the MHFA Australia, and you are certified after 2- 5 days of intensive online training.

These mental health online courses Australia offers are the best path you can take to that career that involves caring for vulnerable people. Make your research on the best institute offering these programmes that are nationally recognised. We wish you the best.