Teak furniture
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Teak- The Tough And Timeless Tropical Timber

Before you make your next furniture purchase, consider Teak, the tropical hardwood renowned for toughness and a timeless look that is suitable for all conditions and settings.

Teak is a tall, evergreen tree which is native to south east Asia and the tropical regions. It has a long history with timber design and an outstanding reputation for hardy furnishings.

Indoors and Outdoors

Teak has its origins steeped in the pacific trade routes where it was renowned for its excellent boat-building qualities on account of its low shrinkage and warping rates and weather resistance. Teak has a high oil content allowing it to repel moisture and avoid rot. This makes it ideal for outdoor furniture settings.

Teak is also easily worked and shaped and is an excellent medium for large or smaller pieces and is the ideal timber for more intimate indoor furnishings.

Teak Finishes

Teak furniture has a beautiful honey-brown finish which can age to a rustic silvery grey look if left untreated or readily accepts oils, stains and varnishes which highlight the intricate grain of the timber.

Whatever look you desire for your furniture, Teak is not only durable but versatile and can be styled to match any home or setting.

Among the most durable furniture timbers on the planet

Teak has very few rivals when it comes to durability and combined with the manner in which it can be versatilely carved and styled, it is unapparelled if you are in the market for outdoor or indoor furniture.

Its long-life span makes it the most economically sensible purchase to make when you are buying furniture.

Modern or Classic Styles

The characteristics of Teak wood allow it to be shaped and crafted into a variety of styles. From ultra-modern right through to a classic look. And with its resistance to aging, you will be sure to have a classy looking piece for many years to come whilst many other timber furnishings have long been tossed away.

Teak is the right timber for a range of furniture pieces

Teak is unsurpassed when it comes to usage for outdoor furniture. But it looks great for a wide range of indoor pieces as well. Bookshelves, dining tables, side tables, cabinets, television units, and even sofa frames. In fact, there isn’t a piece of furniture that doesn’t look great when constructed from Teak. And with its affordable cost and long life span, you can be certain you are getting value for your dollar when you purchase Teak timber furniture.

Silky smooth satin sanded finish

You will not get a silkier, smooth, satin sanded finish on any other furniture like you do when you purchase Teak timber products.

Its tight, fine grain provides a luxurious finish to the touch when left raw, in its natural state. Or it can be highlighted to reveal its ingrained qualities enhancing it to the eye. And is a beautiful and fun timber that is easy to restore as your piece ages. Which will be given its superior ability to withstand even the harshest of outdoor climates and conditions.

Salt spray, spills or just run of the mill family life, Teak furniture will stand up to the test-

There isn’t a heartier and more resistant wood available for timber furnishing than Teak. Whether you are looking for that outdoor setting to impress at your large family gatherings, a small intimate setting for your apartment terrace or verandah or looking for that timeless piece to include in your bedroom, there is a Teak furniture solution that will suit your needs and be with you for years to come.