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Types of Advice That a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney Will Offer Their Client

Local clients in the midst of a separation are always better served when they have a O’Sullivan Legal divorce lawyer in their corner.

These experts understand how to negotiate and manage these cases, achieving acceptable outcomes given the trying and emotional circumstances.

During the discussions that will take place behind closed doors, these solicitors will want to get a gauge of their client’s state of mind and wishes moving forward.

This is the type of advice and questioning they will put forward.


‘What Family Members and Friends Are Available To Offer You Support?’

A divorce lawyer in Sydney will be able to achieve a great deal for their client to protect their assets and fight for their rights, but they cannot work miracles and look after their mental and emotional wellbeing. This is where close family members and friends have to be there for support outside of consultations, being present and talking them through key decisions. It can be in those downtimes in the early mornings and late nights where a spouse can feel isolated, fearful and vulnerable and this is where that support network is necessary. If there is a void of these personalities being available, that is when a psychologist can be referred for professional assistance.


‘Don’t Make a Major Decision Without Consulting Me First’

One of the other pieces of advice that will come across as less of a question and more of a statement is the need to stay in contact with your divorce lawyer in Sydney regarding the matter. Clients who go rouge and make key decisions irrespective of their counsel are only doing themselves a disservice, potentially opening up leverage and opportunities for the other spouse to capitalize on legally or financially. That can include taking a child out of school, selling a car or issuing a threat on an email, text or voicemail.


‘What Terms Are Non-Negotiable and What Concessions Can Be Offered?’

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Before a divorce lawyer in Sydney can come to the table to mediate on behalf of their client, they need to know two fundamental facts – the terms that are non-negotiable and those where concessions can be made. This will include matters of child custody, alimony payments, home ownership, household assets, possession of debt and loans. Should these demands be balanced and deemed suitable by a judge overseeing the case, then the two parties can proceed knowing that they are working in good faith. The solicitor will advise their client when they are trying to stay firm on terms that should be negotiable but they are not willing to come to the table, outlining that they could end up losing possession or control entirely. Others will be deemed suitable as the legal representative can even push for better terms if they believe their spouse is too passive in the negotiating phase.


‘Don’t Allow Outside Interest To Dominate The Case’

Although the divorce lawyer in Sydney will want to bring in trusted parties like close family members and friends for support, there is also a fine line that has to be balanced when it comes to outside interest and influencers. From parents and siblings to colleagues and other friends of the former couple, there is always the risk of them stepping over these boundaries and attempting to influence their strategy – whether that is taking a more abrasive legal approach or pulling away altogether. This is not a matter where they should be weighing in and instead offer emotional support and guidance when it is asked for rather than imposing their wishes.



A qualified and experienced divorce lawyer in Sydney will use the consultations as key moments to source more information and solidify what position the client wants to take. These matters are handled best when there is a conciliatory approach with the understanding families are irreparably damaged when one spouse is stripped of their children, home and financial assets.