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What Does An Employment Law Firm Do?

What does the average employment law firm do? What are their roles and responsibilities? How will that affect you as an employer or employee? These are some of the questions we will be answering in this article. 

An employment law firm is a practice that has taken it upon itself to specialize in the intricacies of employment-related issues. They are tasked with settling and resolving cases that span breach of contracts, wage claims, discrimination, occupational and workplace safety, etc. 

In the next few minutes of reading, we will adequately explain this topic and give you a clear understanding of it. Let’s hop right in.

  1. Explanation Of Rights

An employment law firm is responsible for the proper education of its clients on their rights. It is one of the very first things they should do.

When an employee doesn’t know their rights, it’s almost impossible for them to know where they stand in the eyes of the law. 

An understanding of these rights might be the emancipation they need from cruel and slaving employers. 

When they are educated, they understand the whole litigation and mediation process. This makes it easier for the employee to participate in the justice process actively. 

  1. Complaint Filing

An employment law firm is responsible for appropriately filing a complaint to designated authorities. In most cases, practices would usually assign a representative solicitor to do this. The aim here is to get the full details of the case and understand its implications and where it may be headed. 

An excellent legal practice can build a case after they have a meeting with you to understand what the complaint is.

Complaint filing is essential as an improperly filed complaint might be passed over, disrupting the process or even nullifying the case.

  1. Compliance 

Compliance is the ability of a company to legally stay within the confines of agreements and laws. 

Most times, compliance usually concerns employers. A good employment law firm should be able to properly guide and advice their employing clients on steps to take so they don’t stray from these laws. 

Employers should know the stipulated rules and comply with them to avoid any lawsuits. 

This compliance must include all operations. Issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and the like can be avoided if the employer is “compliant” with the law. 

  1. Litigation

As you would expect, an employment law firm also holds the responsibility of litigation. They are tasked with representing their clients, be they an employer or an employee. 

They have very specialized knowledge of the intricacies of workplace issues. This makes them the perfect lawyers for these kinds of cases. 

These practices can handle any employment-related lawsuit. Here are some popular cases where you might need them:

  • Wage And Salary Claims
  • Physical And Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Workplace Safety
  • Discriminatory lawsuits. 
  • Compensation claims

There are a lot of other grey areas that an employment law firm can also cover outside these. However, these are where their strengths lie. 

A correct practising employment law firm is your best bet when it comes to employment-related issues. We advise you to take advantage of the professionalism found in these legal practices and get appropriately represented. We wish you the best of luck. Thank you.