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What is a Busy Light and How Can it Help your Business?

You may have heard of the new office trend of busy light that is revolutionizing the efficiency of workplaces but do you actually know what they are? People tend to hear of new trends all the time but are unaware of what they actually are or how they work. This can be a real shame because if people took the time to look into these products they would find that they could greatly benefit them and their business.

If your office space is in need of an efficiency overhaul then you’re in luck as we are going to break down how busy lights can help you. Sit back and relax as we have done all the research for you and presented in an easy to read format.


What are busy lights?

Busy lights are a small electronic gadget that sits on top of your cubicle at work that display a certain colour to tell your co-workers your availability status. The general idea behind them is that if someone has to get up to talk to you, instead of walking all the way over to your desk to find that you’re busy the colour will tell them if they can.

This can save so much time in large offices that require constant communication. Imagine all those little seconds wasted added up over the course of a year. You could be getting so much extra work done and that is the main goal behind busy lights.


How do they work?

Modern offices need modern gadgets and busy lights are the perfect addition to that working world. They are simple to use and simply plug into the USB port of your computer or laptop. They are powered by your computer and can be easily moved around your desk or cubicle. Once you have positioned the device in the place that you like, the software is as easy pushing a button to display what you want to tell your colleagues.

Additionally modern offices are phasing out the use of traditional phones and phone calls. Instead they are transitioning to we based call applications such as Skype and Zoom meetings. Busy lights have the capability to change their colour to match your status on Skype and these other platforms. For example if you set your Skype status to do not disturb your light will show the same tone to signal to your colleagues. If you are available both on the platform and at your desk it will display a green colour.


Adapting to the modern work place

As we previously mentioned, these handy gadgets are perfect to adapt to the modern workplace. If your office uses laptops instead of PCs there is a mini option to accommodate for that as well. You can simply attach the device to your monitor so people will know if you’re available no matter where you go. Additionally if you have an open floor plan setting, these devices can also come as head set attachments so that you don’t have to have crowded desk.

Loud offices do tend to drown out phone tones which can be annoying if the call was important. These devices also have the option to be able to play a tone when you are receiving a call. Instead of seeming rude to your current or potential client you can take and hear any call from anywhere in the office no matter how loud it gets.

The next time you are looking around your workplace and see all the wasted time be sure to think about this article and busy lights. They are a very cost effective measure to revolutionize your company’s efficiency.